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AlburyCity Satisfaction

AlburyCity Satisfaction

Community Satisfaction Survey Has Seen An Improvement On The Previous Result

Albury City Council have released the latest Community Satisfaction Survey which has seen an improvement on their previous result.

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The survey conducted by Micromex Research in February this year saw residents randomly surveyed by phone to determine their ‘drivers of satisfaction’, and to gauge their feelings about what they feel are the most valuable services and facilities that Council provides to the community which with respondents returning an overall satisfaction rating with their council of 3.68 out of five.

Community members were asked to rate their level of satisfaction in four main areas of council’s performance, with the top five highest satisfaction ratings determined to be:

  1. The Botanic Gardens (99%)
  2. Sewer services (96%)
  3. The Albury Airport (96%)
  4. Council-run events, (97%) and
  5. The LibraryMuseum/cultural opportunities (97%)

The areas of lowest satisfaction were determinded to be:

  1. Community input into Council decision making (71%)
  2. Attracting investment and jobs (74%)
  3. Public transport across the city (70%)
  4. Provision of Council information to the community, (76%) and
  5. Traffic flow (74%)

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