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2AY Job Swap

2AY Job Swap

During COVID-19.. Is Job Swap Suitable For You?

With the tighter border closure travel restrictions impacting many businesses and employees, 2AY has teamed up with MP Training and Recruitment for a Job Swap style program.

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Business owners and employees who live outside of the new ‘border zone’ have shared their frustration with Kylie & Kev.

Many locals are unable to cross the river to work or open their business in Albury. Employees working on construction projects beyond Wodonga are unable to return home to Albury without 14 days quarantine. Other retailers have temporarily closed because their staff don’t live within the ‘border bubble.’

The disruption has prompted 2AY to team with MP Training and Recruitment to see if a temporary job swap style program on the border could help fill some voids.
MP Training and Recruitment General Manager Craig Cleary says it’s a solution worth trying.

“If we start up a list, we might be able to see who is in trouble, who needs some help and match up some people on either side of the border,” Craig said

“This concept might be suitable for that labourer work, like concreters, where you’ve got someone in charge of a crew but the labour force is outside of the border zone. It might be someone in warehousing or retailing where the skills transfer would work. There’d be a fair few jobs you could swap over, it’s just a matter of finding out who’s in trouble and who we can help.”

The concept has been endorsed by Nationals Senator for Victoria Bridget McKenzie who declared she would help with any ‘red tape’ issues, and Wodonga Mayor Anna Speedie.

To find out if a Job Swap could be suitable for you, contact Craig Cleary at MP Training and Recruitment on 6057 9333 -

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